HIIT Series with Ashleigh Frost | Vol 2

What you get:

  • 3 HIIT workouts for each week
  • 12 workouts for the entire month
  • Video demonstration SHOULD you need it (contact me via email or instagram)
  • A rocking new bod!
  • A new love for keeping fit!


Volume 2 of the HIIT series!
12 Brand new HIIT workouts to kick your fitness routine into high gear, burn some fat and tone up!

I know you probably think you hate cardio but I promise you it’s way more fun when you do it Ashletics style. In my 12 and a half years of training, and I speak for myself and for the clients I have worked with, the most noticable physical changes occurred when I added HIIT and Plyometric based workouts into my routine. I believe in it and love it so much that I do some form of plyometric movement every day.

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